Six reasons for you to choose The Era Town

1. Convenient location: The 15B Road route which is about 1km away from Nguyen Luong Bang Street, is a direct connection of The Era Town and Phu My Hung Urban Area. The axis of Huyng Tan Phat Street and Nguyen Huu Tho Street parallel with the project area, creating a convenient connection to the Eastern and Western regions and marine eco- tourism areas.

2. Feng shui: with three sides of the project land campus which are covered by Phu Xuan river winding gentlely like the arms of hug and land area fertiled with silt as a gift from the nature for apartment owners on th land. It show the forturnate, wealthy and full of feng shui.

3. Environment: The society of eco system is hamonious, near the river, the density of green trees is large, the space is separted,unaffected by noice and vehicle fumes.

4. Service and utilities: In the project campus, there are full service and utilities such as nursery school, primary and high school, supermarket, restanrant, health care service, fitness center, swimming pool, area for community activities.

5. The materials: The materials used in the projects are mainly imported from famuos brand in the world.

6. Project owner: Being One of the business with high prestge, having many business activities in many fieids with the motto: " Customers Beneit - Binding Responsibility - Creating Brand"